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    Oh my goodness. I am a freaking moron. I had a refill left on one of my pain pills and I transfered that damn thing at least 5 times to see if I could get it filled and I even went so far as to act like I was a nurse and called the pharm to give the ok but I didn’t have the dea number so i was stuck. either way the pharm called my doc and my doc called my original pharm to talk to them about my scrip. I called the other pharm back and acted like I was the nurse again and told them not to fill it. cause I am so scared.
    Can I get into trouble for this? Man I am really falling off the deep end. I want all this **** to be gone out of my life. I can not stand all the **** that I am doing. What the hell is wrong with me. I am a really good person and I am acting so freaking shady it is not even funny. Who the **** am I? Please any responses would be great. I wish I could have asked the original pharm what my doc said but you know that they won’t give out any info. ****. I am praying for this all to blow over. I am done filling these damn things. DONE/

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