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    Ive just been put on probation. I don’t drink to get drunk and if I do decide to get drunk its because I chose to. I just like the “tipsy” feeling and know how to stay in that area.

    Ive read a few posts in here and see people talk about how alcohol made them not do things as well as the sober people. Well im the exact opposite! Every time I drink I play games better, volleyball, sing and play my guitar, SEX!, it boosts my confidence extremely, I’m funnier and witty, and rids my anxiety. It’s kinda like a legal xanax.

    When im sober i don’t know what to say and I’m usualy quiet and shy and feel awkward and not excepted.

    WHAT can I do to be able to be my “tipsy” self without having to drink? I don’t understand it. I honestly don’t drink that much, at a party I could drink 3 or 4 and be completely content.

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