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    I am just curious. I have been browsing thru the site today, and reading others posts. I have read stories of massive amounts of money spent each day. I know I stole and lied and begged,etc, etc. I just wondered what everyone did for money to support their habit. I know working, alone, wasnt enough to pay for my habit. If you would rather not say I TOTALLY understand that. Im sure some may be more embarrassing than others, but Im just curious..

    Like I said, i lied, drained my husbands bank account after stealing his debit card, i stole some more, begged, begged to be fronted, “just one more time” with no way to pay it back, and manipulated.And two different times i stole my childrens birthday money….(i will never forget how crappy that was and the mere mention of it makes me cry, im so ashamed) It was only after I got on roxies and oxy that it went wayyy downhill for me. So, if anyone cares to share, and it doesnt bother or upset you, I really am just curious..

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