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    Kind of silly…But eveyone has a different Avatar on 12 Step National Meetings, from the obvious, to the sublime.

    What does your Avatar mean to you?

    Mine is “Mister”, our half Boston / half neghborhood tramp (pit, we think). Mister was a part of my “bottom”. One night in October he got hit by a car, and I was too drunk to take him to the 24 hour vet clinic. All I could do was hold him. Fortunately, I was able to get ahold of my wife, who rushed home and and got us to the vet. Sadly, we were held up for a few minutes after I realized that we might be awhile, so let me run back inside and grab the rest of my beer for the road.

    The vet was unsure of Misters condition, putting him down was mentioned, and said that they could keep him overnite for observation, or we could take him home. We took him home. My wife and I agreed that if Mister were to die, he would die next to family who love him, not in a cage at a vet clinic.

    I took off work the next day and stayed by Misters side the whole remaining weekend. Lifting him on and off the couch, giving him his meds, etc. Amazingly, he slowly recovered, and is now back to his old self. Amazing, after being dragged under a car for about 30 feet.

    That night with Mister was one of the many planks that make up the floor of my “bottom”. I stopped drinking in November, go to AA, got a sponsor, and am currently working the steps. Recovering. Mister recovered. I’m recovering.

    Anyhow…that’s my Avatar…tell us about yours.


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