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    Lately a recurring thought has been running through my head regarding what I have learned in recovery about how to live life in peace and serenity. I would love to get your opinion and thoughts on the subject I am posting on or share about what you have learned is important in leading a healthy, happy, peaceful life.

    I have come to realize that many people in today’s world do not understand the concept of a person helping someone out with no thought or expectation of something in return. Just helping out to help out. The biggest thing that set me off on these thoughts is I recently helped a friends get their house ready to sell. I put in quite a bit of work and she did approach me with hiring me to do this work. I did not mind doing it and got paid quite well. I do realize though that these people are not rich and don’t have money to just throw away. The man has a bad back, worse than mine, and she has had a broken neck which still gives her a lot of pain even though it was several years ago. The doctors did not know if she would even walk again.

    To get to the moral of the story here. They are now working on getting his mothers house ready to move into, they are selling the house they live in now, as his mother died and left him her house. It needs a lot of work. There is a bunch of inside and outside work to be done. They are trying to save as much money as they can by doing a lot of the work themselves. My g/f and I have offered several times to help them do the work without charge. I think they will have us help but I can tell they are not used to people helping without expecting something in return.

    My thoughts have run toward the belief that the reason many people today are suspicious of people offering to help without expecting something in return is because our society has become so greed driven. The need to have more and bigger than the next guy. Being caught up in this many people have gotten to where they think they can not do any work without getting paid for it, making a profit so they can buy more. We no longer live in a society where neighbors would get together and help someone build a barn when their barn burned down and do it for nothing more than a picnic lunch the women made while the men raised the barn. We have gotten to the point in many cases that often we don’t even really know our neighbors in any way except to possibly wave when we see them. We are so busy going and doing to try and keep up with the Jones’ that we feel we are too worn out to help anyone else.

    One of the things that sobriety has taught me is giving without expectation. Giving simply to help someone else. Giving simply because I can. This is something I had been doing in sobriety without even thinking about it up until now. I don’t have a lot of money so I give what I can which many times is something like mowing the yard of an elderly lady down the street so she doesn’t have to try and pay someone to do it while living on a fixed income and doing it when she is not home so she will not know who did it. Picking up an extra gallon of milk at the grocery store and giving it to the neighbor across the street with 3 young children to raise. Putting up a fence for a friend who lives with her elderly mother and is unable to do the physical labor herself and could not afford to pay someone to do it. Giving an encouraging word to the newcomer who is struggling. These are the types of things that sobriety has taught me are important in life.

    So what are some of the things sobriety has taught you about life?

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