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    that it was all just an illusion and not all it was cracked up to be. Now this is not the first stretch of sobriety I’ve had but it is much different then the other ones because I know I took drinking as far as I could and that I can no longer tolerate it and no longer care for it.

    I spent many years trying to accommodate my alcohol abuse and it never worked, I always became sick in one way or another. The only way I remain the healthiest I can be is to eliminate alcohol completely and I feel great about that. I get to live each day with hope rather than doom.

    2 months today and despite all the stuff I have had to face or deal with, I have learned that without a doubt life is just better without alcohol.

    Tonight I hosted a nice little Christmas dinner for my younger siblings (in their 20’s) and my family. I had a wonderful time because I was totally present in the moment and showing them a good, healthy example of getting together without booze and having fun! (not typical in my family) That is something I could never do before and always felt ashamed about. I also attended a big Christmas family party on Saturday and for the first time remained sober and WOW what an eye opener it was to see drunk family members from the otherside. Some of it was sad but mostly I realized just so unneeded and unhealthy in every way! My confidence is growing in leaps and bounds in social settings and that is huge for me as it was always my biggest trigger (especially with my family) I am proud of me! and actually feeling for the first time in my life, comfortable with who I am.

    Now I am not saying I am all against casual drinking and some in my family are o.k but most in fact are alcoholics.

    O.k just felt like sharing my progress, Happy Holidays to all and a very Merry sober Christmas!!


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