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    about this site is the fact that it keeps my mind on my problem. I work from home….alone 2-4 days a week. Wife goes to work, son goes to school, and although I had never been a person to imbibe during the day too much previously, about three years ago it seemed like a good idea to have a beer or 2 with lunch which escalated to sometimes 12-15 drinks before I went to coach youth sports at 5PM. Next I found it a way to avoid my job and to kill the boredom when I was avoiding my job. Being that I am in sales, and have a good regular stream of business from many of my long time accounts, it was real easy for me to get on the computer or sit in front of the TV and be lazy and drink without too many financial repercussions. Having a place like this that I can come to when I get bored instead of reaching for the bottle is a Godsend. Although my sobriety has only been 8 days now, I can see how this site will truly be a useful tool for the rest of my life. I would like to thank whoever created it and those who keep it running!

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