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    I was thinking and this may sound ridiculous to some of you , what if we all switched our avcatars to something new, everybody pick something new. It would be sooooo cool and interesting to see what everyone picked. Everyone here has their own personalities, and a lot of it comes through on the avatars!!! I am actually dying to see what Windy would pick!!! LOL

    Some of you probably have avatars with loved ones, kitties, etc. or for sentimental reasons, or just dont want to switch your avatar and think this is really stupid, lol.. It probably is, but I just thought it would be so cool to see what everyone would pick, how the new oes would loook, and how we would see a new part of their personalities.

    Is anyone game for this? If not, thats totally cool, its just for fun, for something I thought would be neat, change the scenery up. I know some are thinking thats really stupid, but if you ARENT thinking that and willing to do it, lets do it!!!!!!! Me first, I think this will be so cool if some people wiill do it, especially you Windy, lol, I REALLY DO want to see what you would pick. thinking about your avatar is what gave me this idea, no joke. so anyway, if you think its dumb, no biggies, just for fun. LOVE to see some new pieces of everyone. MUCH LOVE< Becky

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