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    Does anyone else ever think about this or is it just me? What really is “Normal” and does such a thing even exist? Society seems to define it one way, you’re supposed to go to school, get good grades which will get you a great job so you can get married, raise 2.1 kids and live happily ever after. Your kids can then repeat the same process and on the cycle goes.

    If it were so simple then why have people since the beginning of time sought out altered states of consciousness either through the destructive methods such as drugs and alcohol or the seeking methods such as meditation, religion, a spiritual awakening or whatever method you prefer to choose.

    We ask ourselves why we’re here, what’s the purpose of it all? We look at the world around us and our tiny little place in it and often feel disconnected. The best-laid plans of mice and men often go terribly awry, there are “black swans” (unforeseen events) that just have a way of happening. We get dealt the short straw, tragic things happen and we realize that we have no back-up plan.

    I often wonder how many “normal” lives are just a few “black swan” events away from being thrown into total chaos. When the going gets tough, the tough are supposed to get going but it doesn’t always seem to work that way. It’s so much easier to head for the exits, to find your comfort in drugs or alcohol but it never works, many have tried and All have failed with that plan.

    Are you ready to deal with the “black swans”. What’s your back-up plan?

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