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    There should be clarity and specificity about the meaning of recovery.

    Recovery– a psychic change or spiritual awakening through the experience of working the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous as outlined in the Big Book with a sponsor.

    Meetings– where we are supposed to be able to learn about how to work the 12 steps, share our experience about working the 12 steps, and find someone to help us work the 12 steps.

    Fellowship– the strength and power we derive from identifying with a group of people with a similar problem, seeking a similar solution.

    Service– the carrying of a message that has depth and weight (the 12 steps) to other alcoholics.

    Recovery is only the working of the 12 steps. It is not a meeting. It is not your sponsor, or your coffee commitment. Done the way it is outlined in the Big Book, it brings the alcoholic to a state of being “recovered,” not “recovering.” This should not be confused with “cured,”– we are never cured. We are brought to a condition where the obsession to drink is relieved, where sanity is restored, where truth is clear– provided we continue to carry this very specific message and enlarge our spiritual life.

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