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    Sorry, to interupt your forum, but I need guidance from people who may understand best. My AH has supposedly stopped drinking. The last relapes, 1 day’s worth, was in Sept. I don’t expect perfection from him and don’t expect him never to lie to me. It’s kind of the nature of the situation right now.

    My question is when you were recovering, how long did it take for your brain to recover. I mean when he gets angry and/or very frustrated he seems to have brain problems. He insist the’s not drinking, yet he seems to loose cognition. He slurs his words, stumbles, is completely irrational, talks about hurting people, non-stop talking, etc….He swears he’s not drinking, but I wonder sometimes. I’ve heard the term dry drunk which maybe this is part of that behavior.

    I’m very confused as to how long it takes the brain & body to recover from the effects of alcohol abuse. What is normal behavior for someone in recovery? He is sucidal at times, very depressed, very angry, grandious thinker at times, verbalizes violence towards others. How long does this type of thing continue? I’m exhausted.

    I see things on TV where their moods and attitudes become more optimistic right away. This isn”t happening for him. Sorry so long. Just need help. I’ve never experienced alcohol in my life.

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