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    Hey everyone! Today is 15 days for me. Was pretty tired and lethargic today but I did make it to a meeting. Bascially, all of my efforts at the present are geared toward recovery. I know I’m very early on. The truth is I have two other things about me that I want to work on, but I’m afraid it will take the focus off of sobriety and might “doom” me.

    I want to quit smoking and start working out / lose weight. Again, at this time all I do with my spare time is focus on recovery. I wake up drink coffee, smoke cigs, go to meeting. I basically eat like crap but I’m sober and feel (mentally) better than I have in a long time.

    One one hand I think it might make recovery easier because I will feel better. On ther other hand, I know it is all I have right now to just stay in the moment and focus on recovery, AA, and reading… I find it hard to find balance. In other words, working out while eating like crap and smoking seems impossible.

    Just looking for advice. Thanks in advance!!!

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