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    Monday around 6pm I took my last pill, Ive been on 7.5 vicodins and 10 Norcos for about a year and the last few months ive been up to about 15+ pills a day. I had back surgery and now i feel i can manage the pain without these things even though im still in pain, either way the Docs keep telling me to taper but it doesn’t work, its like drinking after you have a 5mg norco its like well why not take a few 10s…..

    either way monday i only took about 3 pills and about 7pm monday i took my last pill so tuesday i didn’t have anything and i though i was doing good until i tried to sleep and woke up thinking i was having a panic attack lol anyways i got though the day and i was telling myself today would be better but to be honest its not.

    when does this stuff start to get out of your both and when do you start feeling better?

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