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    So, the question I have is this. Once someone make a choice to stop using drugs or alcohol, when can they stop being in recovery?

    There seems to be an idea you can never be recover(ed), and will always be an addict. I think its BS. I have been reading alot about the recovery industry, and places that make money off of addicts and such, and it seems that when people recover, they lose business. AA/NA 12-step in general seems to push this to the extreme, like go to meetings or something or the whole in jail or dead…

    When does it stop? I started here thinking that it was something that always would be a part of me, and now I don’t want to come here and keep talking about being “powerless”.

    Drugs are bad… end of story.

    Anyway, just wanted to throw that out there, and my apologies to Juiceman, who seems to have been right all along, willpower, quitting, do it and move on.

    Time to get back to life, any one coming?

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