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    I posted about this in my home forum but thought maybe folks here would have some thoughts. I’ve never tried meth and know very little about it except what I’ve learned from TV and from watching a friend do a nosedive on the stuff.

    I worked with a guy last night, clean cut, nice person type. I’d heard from another employer that he was a recovering meth addict, and he told me and our trainer as much last night too. The trainer departed about 1 am. About 2 a.m., he went outside for a smoke, and he came back smelling really . . . smoky, but not like cigarettes. I kept trying to decide if it smelled like marijuana – it was different from MJ but it was that strong a scent. Shortly thereafter, he was tapping his foot, but it wasn’t like people normally tapping a foot – his whole body jerked with the force of it, seizure-like. He seemed to get that I was aware of this strange motion, and it was like he’d try to stop, but the attempt wouldn’t last 20 seconds. His foot or feet were in constant, jerky motion.

    Okay, the bad part for me was that we were sharing a cash drawer, on the orders of the trainer who is teaching everyone the new computer system. Like I said, he seems like a nice guy, but the thing about meth addicts (if he is an active one) is that then tend to run out of money and then do really stupid things (like steal). I was worried that if we came up short, that there was no way to prove it wasn’t me. There is a camera that could not have helped catch his hyper-hyperness. Anyway, the drawer came out fine.

    My problem: Do I tell my boss of my suspicions/concerns. I’d really hate to be labeled as the company snitch. I’d really hate for someone else’s drawer to suddenly come up terribly short. I’d really hate for my employer to get ripped off or, even worse, a customer.

    Am I overreacting? What would you do?

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