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    have you gone to a 28 day program? has anyone gone to Cottonwood de Tucson, Betty Ford Clinic, Pathways to recovery in Delray FL. I am looking for a center that deals with alcohol abuse and addiction and trauma therapy. I have been researching this for weeks and the programs and facilities differ from a motel 6 to a Holiday Inn. I don’t want to be more depressed because of a depressing living situation, I hope to do this only once and I am seeking the best therapy. My insurance is good (thank God) and I want the best for my buck, but this isn’t a question you ask people on the streets. Thanks for your help. I’m a flight attendant and areobic instructor and I am looking for a healthy place to work out my problems.



    Sherry, I have been in a long term program for 18 months and I have been in a short term program for 28 days. Two problems here for me, first you did not mention the city or state you are in, that would help me to access a program for you, second it appears that you have already picked out the programs in the western part of the country and each one of these programs have an excellent agenda. The form of payment differs. Do you really want to stop using and change your life around?



    Sherry If you are in the california (southern) i spent time at a great facility CHARTER OAK in Covina, Cali.. there are great people and they have meetings, a gym and a lot of great program leaders… I would suggest you call and check it out.. 600.00 a day.. 626-966-1632 OR 1-800-654-2673. THEY HAVEW A GREAT AFTER CARE PROGRAM and you can go for a year after for Partial outpatiant meetings.. you can bring a spouse, other and your kids.. GOOD LUCK>>>>>>
    POOk and Pam



    have you researched AMITY in tucson az? its a very intense program.

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