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    Okay I am trying to find anything and everything on addiction…any kind of mental addiction.(food, sex, chemicals). I believe I am obsessed with all three. Everything I read it seems that 90% of those who have this mental obsession have been abused in some way(sexually, physically, verbal) or just totally ignored and the others seem to be traumatized by something they have done or seen.

    I myself have spent the majority of my childhood being overweight and being verbally and physically abused by an older sibling and constantly put down by my dry drunk of a father. Even when I got away from then I was picked on by some bullies at school.

    I guess I am just trying figure out how to stop resenting them. I mean isnt it really their fault. I mean they made the first half of my life a complete hell and I have, by drinking, made most of the the second half hell.

    I know some of you are going to tell me to stop blaming others for my problems, but how do you do that? Thanks for letting me rant, it does help to get it out of my head and into words.

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