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    Well, I knew that one day, I’d be ‘put to a test’, so to speak. I had to take my husband to the ER…turns out, he’s got a kidney stone. I know how bad the pain can be, I’ve had four.
    As I watched them start a drip on him and give him that shot of morphine threw his IV, I suddenly envied him…wishing I could feel that ‘feeling’. I felt this way for a moment and then I snapped back into reality. Damn! Where’d that come from? Plus, he was prescribed hydocodone 7.5’s for the pain. He said he felt bad about getting them, but I told him I’d be o.k. with it and he needs them.
    Honestly, I really haven’t thought much about him having the pills. But, I am perplexed about how I felt seeing that shot of morphine go in since I was never an IV user…but, when I’ve had to go to the hospital for my own problems, I absolutely loved that feeling…especially the dulidid.
    Just thought I’d tell on myself, thank for listening,


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