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    do some of us stop drinking and some of us dont

    as you guys can tell by my posts i’m not a brainy guy

    1’m 250 lbs 18 and a half stone in English money i’m a fat guy that eats to much so abstaining from things that are bad for me is not a strong point for me

    but somehow i have stopped drinking …so far ..why have i been able to manage this ,when everyone else i know in real life has failed ???

    every person i have known for 20 years is a drunken bar fly ,yet i dont miss them much ..why

    how come some people can stop ?? i must say i’m amazed as are my family and friends ,even the ones that said you will be back in the pubs drinking again are now saying i cant believe you are not drinking ,maybe you just drink in other pubs :a043:

    i have my liver tests next week to see if my enzyme level is back to a more normal level

    even my doctor seems shocked that i have just stopped drinking without AA or any pro help

    am i getting to cocky thinking this vile curse i was under is beaten allready ???

    is my illness still there just tricking me lulling me into a false sense of security ??

    i had better be on my guard :c032:

    i was just wondering though why do some people stay sober and some just dont ,we all have a mind that knows booze is bad ,we all have the power to stop i wonder why some of us fail ???

    thoughts please :c032:

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