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    i know for myself, i wanted to stop for the last 4 years of my active addiction. i tried every imaginable way, but could never “control” it. i have been working with 19-24 year old guys at the same treatment center i went to, and its amazing the amount of denial and lack of understanding of the severity of the situation. i was the same way in the very beginning of my sobriety. it also seems like its takes a long time to get as sick as we do, but then we are so eager and ready to go back into life after a short time without drugs/ alcohol. ive watched so many people leave too early and some do die, and others, make it back. i just remember how much work it was to keep up my habit, and how much emotional pain i was is for a long time, but yet i “thought” i couldnt stop. its so interesting how far some of us have to go before we decide that we are done and seek the help that we so desperately need. thanks… just been thinking about it lately..

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