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    I’ve been with my chick now for 2 years, her mom suffered from alcohol abuse and in turn my chick saw some unusurall things as a young girl. Before i met her she had already got hit with a DUI/Underage. and earlier this year she totaled her car. she now has to serve 45 days in jail and 90 days house arrest and 5 years probation…she is 20.

    its like, she had to deal with her moms crap growing up, and now she is dealing with the repercussions of her actions ealier this year…she stopped smoking weed, but its like now she drinks more. Like as soon as she gets home its the wine, its like she needs to drink to function or be normal.

    to be honest we split up earlier this week, and she says its cause we fight or she needs space, but we only fight when she is drinking, and she prolly only fights with me cause i care about what she is doing to herself.

    I drink myself, but i dont drink to function, i dont even drink every weekend. its usurally a social thing with me. the last time we fought i told her she had a problem and she was apauled by what i said, and kept blaming other things for our problems, i love this girl so much and i want to help her but she has to want to help herself…

    i used to deal drugs, i sold 2 pounds of nuggets a month for the longest time, and when i got set up, it opened my eyes, im tryin not to baby her on her journey, but its hard when you love someone soooooooo much. I keep praying that the 45 days in jail without any drinks will open her eyes to whats going on.

    I’m a man, i will clean, sometimes cook, and wash n fold n put away her laundry, watch our finaces, i do it all, and she says that i am immature… i just want her to sober up so she can see what she has, and appreciate everything that i do. i feel like she pushed me away so she can just do whatever…

    so now i have to sit and wait from afar and hope she dont do anything stupid with her stupid loser influence friends, is there any easy way to bide my time? this tears me apart

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