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    Im curious as to wonder why do each and every one of you drink, including myself. Id have to say that ive been a heavy drinker since December 2007 (when i turned 21). And in that time my drinking habits increased. Id say my peak time was the year of 2009 when i probabaly drunk over 300+ days out of the year.

    The year of 2010 was different as i have gradually slowed down, (this is in due fact to the often “pains” i get from drinking) like stomach pains and back pains (possibly kidney?) but ive been to the doctor on these “scares” and everything turned out fine. Ive had alot of pains in my life even before i started drinking and its always been nothing, its strange. But maybe not for too much longer? Anyway i was thinking as to why i drink and im not 100% the main thing. I think one of the mains reasons is for a stress reilever. But i dont moan and pick up a beer like some people. I do it more to relax. Also i honestly dont drink more then 3 days a week now as it was 7 days a week last year. But when i do i like to get wasted (mainly on weekends, 40+ beers etc).

    Then back to work and im usually sober all week (though i get semi urges but i dont because going to work all hungover is not good anymore imo) But i think the sad reality of why i drink which may cause me to have many health problems in years to come is that i do it more as a hobby. You see i really dont have any friends and all my activies involve me staring at a computer screen all day playing games etc when im not at work. I dont socialize whatsoevr.

    So the “Thing to do” today is get drunk. Some peoples thing to do is to take their kid to the park or go to their partners house, or go shoot some hoops, my thing to do in the day when im at work and when im thinking about it is “Ooh well im gonna have a drink and get drunk when i get home” thats my activity. Now that i rarely drink the days i work i find myself staring at the comp screen sometimes thinking of drinking but not really so much. Ive also managed to take a full week off from drinking on a few occasions this year. But its my weekend that gets me the most. THe idle time spent doing nothing makes the urge grow. Like today is sunday and i worked and didndt drink today as always, and ill drinking agian on thursday (which is my friday). Now i know what ure thinking, why not do something other then sit at the house all day?

    Well i have and when i do i find myself still wanting a drink (well on my weekends anyway). If i were able to work 7 days a week, i may be able to kick the habit 100%. But im wondering why you all drink too?

    Also i have to note that when i drink on my weekends i am an all day drinker. This means wake up 5am get drunk, go to sleep 1am the next morning get drunk wake back up at 5am get drunk go to sleep early that next day as i have work etc.

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