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    because the after effects make everyday life very difficult.Bad nerves/jitters/panic attacks.Simple things like picking up the mail at the post office require me to gather up the ” nerve” to go inside.
    I picked up some beer today at the beverage barn and when I was done and out by my car I got a bad case of the shakes.My hands were visibly shaking.
    But I did take a puff of primatene about 5 minutes before I went in.
    But now that I’m thinking about it a major trigger might have been that a little earlier I was at a railroad crossing that had the gates down and the train went by a little bit later , bringing back the stress of the accident I had last November when my van was destroyed by a train after I got stuck on the tracks during a snow/sleet storm !
    If abstaining doesn’t improve my life I guess I’ll just have to suck up the fact I have some kind of panic disorder.

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