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    Well, I’m over 7 months into what I feel is good, solid recovery… not that I don’t have thoughts, occasional cravings, etc… but I can’t believe I’ve made it this far with the current stress in my life. I thought things would get better- not just from my end, but from my husband’s too. I thought, “surely he recognizes the work and effort I’m putting into every facet of our lives…”

    But no. Example: yesterday was his birthday; he’s not a big birthday person, but I got him nearly exactly what he’d asked for with one switch because it was the wrong kind of chair. While we were in the van yesterday, he just flat out said, “I probably won’t use it anyway.” It was supposed to be a deck chair, and I couldn’t find one like he said.

    But- I did find other little things and set up everything on the back deck before he woke up, and put his Cokes in a cooler by the chair, and I also built a barrier between the deck and where we keep our garbage cans so he could sit out there and not worry about the garbage.

    Some nights he gets tired of making dinner, and will say “It would be so nice if you would just make dinner once in a while”, but when I asked an hour ago the response was “I’m just going to run out and get something later. I don’t want frozen vegetables and macaroni and cheese (said with disdain of course)”.

    It’s literally like I cannot do a single thing right. No wonder I have had more cravings in the last few weeks… I feel like I’m just sinking lower and lower here. I’m hiding out in my office hoping he goes back to sleep or something.

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