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    Do you ever wonder about the mystery of addiction? I mean trying to figure out why a person who has been through the wringer with alcohol will go back and do the same thing over and over again. I almost have to believe that the brain of an active addict gets altered in such a way that the desire for the substance overpowers the logical part that knows what the end result will be. This would explain the so called blank spots that allow an otherwise sane person to engage in the insanity of addiction.

    The disease of addiction seems to be an equal opportunity destroyer. It dosen’t care about your education level, employment status, age, sex, religious beliefs, financial status etc. etc. It will take your life and disassemble it piece by piece regardless of who you are. Observers of the process are often in a state of disbelief as they watch the victim self destruct.

    Helping the afflicted who aren’t ready to accept help is an exercise in futility. Trying to advise a person who isn’t ready to surrender to go to a meeting or call their Doctor is like beating your head against a brick wall. Many of us have first hand experience with this as either the victim of addiction or the person trying to help.

    So then the million dollar question seems to be; what makes a person “READY”? We would all probably agree that it takes a change in our thought process but then why does it take some of us decades of drinking to realize and implement whatever it is that brings about that change?

    What seems even harder to understand is why people relapse after many years of sobriety. Does the “Change in thought process” somehow get undone just like that? Any thoughts?

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