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    I have had all the typical withdrawal symptoms from drinking in my drinking “career” for lack of better words. A friend I have told about this website called me today with a question and I urged her to post this but she doesn’t have internet at her house.


    The feeling she describes is her brain feels spongy kind of like it is throbbing inside her head. She said she is getting these weird little rushes in her brain, and they will go away and come back.

    Mind you she was on quite a big binge (one of my old friends from the binging days) that like many of us is struggling with recovery.

    It is also important to note that she barely ate all weekend, and takes medication for ADD.

    Anyway I realize medical advice is not given on this site but I was just wondering if the brain thing she describes is a type of withdrawal symptom people have heard of. clearly if this is a symptom of something major I am going to urge her to seek immediate medical attention. I personally have never heard of this and the way she talks about it sounds unique to say the least.

    I urged her to go to Detox but was then informed that Detox in this area requires a 3 day minimum stay, and a comprehensive psychological evaluation that will cost thousands of dollars. After checking it out myself I found this claim to be true.

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