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    Hey All,

    I’ve been away from here for a little while. Busy with school more or less, holidays, etc.

    Its been about a month since I “quit”. I wish I could say that was my last drink. I havent been “drunk” since then, but I have had a drink here and there. Same old players, same old game. Not being able to have just one, but being able to stop before getting too far away. I hate the feeling of being drunk nowadays. I hate the haziness, and hate the guilt. Yet, I still have that urge. Nowadays, I’m able to fight most of the urges, but some still get away.

    I guess what I’m getting at is that I’m losing motivation. I’ve been away from my AA group, and really wanna get back when I head up to school. That really helped me stay motivated, seeing everyone, hearing stories.

    Totally sober writing this, but had a couple of drinks earlier today. Tomorrow is the new day one, I guess 🙂

    Thanks for listening.

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