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    I am on day 16!!! YAY GO ME!!!! I’m very proud of myself. We’ve had a lot of stress lately..

    My husband is now disabled and the long term disability through his former employer is jerking us around. My unemployment ran out, and I am still unable to find even a serving job! We had to move in with my mother, and because my husband is disabled he was unable to help. That means that my friend Matt and I were the only ones moving. It took us 14 hours.

    I’m so freaking sore today that it is unreal. I thought yesterday (the day after the move) would be the worst, but I was sadly mistaken. Then when we went to take my father’s truck back to him, we found out our car had a flat… UGH /pulls out hair….

    Today I have to get two new tires and put them on! Hopefully, things will calm down soon! :scorebad

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