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    I am happy to say after some heavy thought, I have decided to work on starting a local support group for people on Suboxone.
    I will be doing research as to whether this group will be listed under Methadone Anonymous- I have been in contact with those that run it and they are considering changing the name to Medications Assisted Anonymous.I feel this is the route I want to take, and it could open a much needed avenue for people like us.I think this is what needs to happen, with the advances made in the field of addiction medicine.
    As helpful and supportive as AA and NA can be for us, they do not allow us to be open about specifics of our treatment- such as induction, maintenance, and the ever popular taper.This can be a very big opportunity for recovery.It is time to change with the times, and make specific recovery accessible to those who need it.
    Please leave your thoughts, I would love to hear them…

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