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    Last week I was in my group (alcohol recovery) meeting with the other five folks who showed up.
    It’s private therapy.

    And the room just reeked of alcohol.
    Very strong.

    About halfway through the hour, the woman to my right admitted that she had relapsed and was “having two or three shots of vodka at night to help me sleep.”

    Vodka happens to be my poison of choice and there is no way she could have smelled that strongly of alcohol late in the afternoon after having a couple drinks the night before.

    Plus her eyes were red and she was acting tipsy.
    Talking too loud and rambling.

    All of us in the group just pretended not to notice and gave her encouragement and advice on getting through a relapse with going completely in a ditch.

    The therapist also said nothing.

    But it was obvious she had come to the group right after drinking.
    My fear was that if somebody had called her on this it might have embarassed her so much she might not come back.

    I wish her all the best in the world.
    Oh, and she did not show up for yesterday’s meeting. 🙁

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