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    Odd… with my sobriety I decided to do start working out a little more often but SLOWER than I usually would DIVE into something because I’m such a crazy perfectionist.

    So I’ve been doing some weight lifting occasionally and 20 sit ups or more a day.

    Usually I LARP *live action role play* and did a little Shadowboxing, this is when you throw punches into the air *not against another person* but are practicing your art if you will.

    Oddly enough, I could not believe it, after a flurry of 25 to 35 punches in a row in 20 seconds, I wasn’t winded or out of breath. I haven’t done that in …. in …. I can’t remember, because usually I am always breathing and dying after something like that.

    Day 5 without smoking and drinking, now this is added to my “Positives on being sober” reasons… very good. Just thought I’d report that. :Xmasostar

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