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    Told my boss at work in confidence that I was an alcoholic, and would like to start coming in 1/2 hour earlier and leave 1/2 hour earlier to make my AA meetings. She in turn told HR. HR in turn had a meeting with me this a.m. to inform me that now that I have admitted to my alcoholism that i would be subject to random breath alcohol tests, starting immediately (just got back from one, passed it by the way).

    When I question HR about this due to the fact that this procedure is not in the company Drug an alcohol policy, an e-mail went out company wide announcing a change in the policy. Here it is:

    The following has been added to the drug policy: “****** ****** reserves the right to use other means of drug and alcohol testing as deemed appropriate for the situation.”

    Never thought I’d change corporate policy 13 days into my sobriety!



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