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    I had been sober for just over two months but drank four days ago after someone I had not told about my alcoholism gave me some whiskey as a gift.

    Xmas is really going to be a struggle for me as everyone is going to be drinking constantly around me. My family say they support me but they really don’t understand this disease, despite my father dying from it.
    I shall be spending Xmas with my family at my sister’s place and she is the lleast supportive at all. She even said to me “You’ve GOT to drink, it’s Christmas!” which is completely ridiculous.
    I know I’m not going to end up joining in with them and “making merry”, more likely I’ll end up swiping some drinking and having it alone in a room by myself.
    I haven’t really got a strategy other than to rely on my willpower and I’m not sure that is going to be enough. Maybe it would’ve been if I hadn’t drank a couple of days ago but those few drinks were enough to set my mentality and cravings back to day one.

    Please share your tips and strategies whether you be new to sobriety or long term sober.

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