If you feel that you have a problem with oxycontin and you are misusing this drug, then this article will help you find the care you need. Addiction can be extremely dangerous but being addicted to oxy can be very life threatening. You need to find help immediately and you shouldn’t wait around to get help. This article will give you information on what you can do as you research how to get help and to motivate you to seek the help that you need. You should never try and confront substance abuse on your own. It’s important to work with trained medical staff and counselors that will help you get sober as easily as possible.
Oxycontin is so dangerous that when a person tries to stop using it, the body goes through extreme withdrawal. The person’s mind and body will quickly feel extreme pressure as you feel the need to use this drug. Oxy connects with a person’s body and in order to stop using it you need to work with trained medial professionals that can help you wean yourself off the drug. After this is done, a period of detoxification will have to take place. This will ensure that all of the drug is out of your body and at this time you should feel your thoughts begin to become more clear.
As this clarity develops, speaking with counselors can make the difference in you staying sober after leaving the center. The counselors will help you understand why you may have become addicted to oxycontin and why you felt the need to start using. There could also be a strong mental block associated with you feeling that you need to use the drug and you need to make sure that this mental addiction is also broken. After you’ve gotten help form the counselors, they’ll give you the tools to help you stay sober after you leave the treatment center.
When you are released from a treatment center, it is very important that you sustain your recovery. When overcoming oxycontin this is especially important. Group therapy will be one way that you can stay sober. When you feel the need to use you’ll go to meetings and talk with other recovering addicts about what you’re feeling and how you can get help. Many people have suffered from using oxycontin so you shouldn’t feel that you’ll be alone. There are many ways that you can get help. You should also think about lifestyle changes and ways you can connect with your friends and family to help you too. Good luck on your journey to sobriety.