November 2017 marked the first National Drug Fact Week. Pacific Ocean Recovery TV commends this effort in helping to fight teen drug addiction and promoting teen drug treatment.

Los Angeles, CA.  December 13, 2017

Pacific Ocean Recovery TV noted the significance of the first annual National Drug Fact Week, which occurred November 8th-14th 2017. The National Institute on Drug Abuse sponsored this event and partners included Discovery, MTV and Community Anti-Drug Coalition of America. The primary goal of National Drug Fact Week is to end inaccurate myths amongst teens pertaining to drug abuse and drug treatment.

The week included special events in various communities as well as interactive web activities. Teen attendees received a booklet entitled “Drug Facts: Shatter the Myths.” Additionally, the 2017 National Drug Fact Week included a GRAMMY sponsored music video contest in addition to a Drug Facts Chat Day where thousands of teens were able to ask experts their questions about drugs through an online chat format.

The primary spokesperson for Pacific Ocean Recovery TV, stated, “I was very excited to learn of the first annual National Drug Fact Week. Opening up a line of communications with teens is essential for combating the use of drugs and alcohol.” As Pacific Ocean Recovery TV is dedicated to assisting drug users and their families withdrug intervention and drug treatment programs, the company commends other organizations that are working to stop drug use from beginning during the teen years.

Drug Treatment is one important topic that is discussed in detail during National Drug Fact Week. Topics discussed include how to encourage a friend who is a drug user to get help, as well as the effectiveness of drug treatment programs. The next Drug Facts Week is scheduled to take place from October 31- November 6th, 2011 and groups across the country are encouraged to host and sponsor individual events.

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